Noma Nazish


Independent journalist and industry expert specializing in creating research-driven, reader-focused content on self-care, beauty, mental health, fitness, and well-being.


Some kids dream of going to the moon or becoming their favorite Disney character. Noma, however, was busy tinkering with words and telling stories (to anyone who would listen) since elementary school. She regularly wrote for school magazines and kids' newspapers, hosted imaginary "talk shows" with stuffed toys who were too polite to leave, and enjoyed discovering new words to add to her lexical repertoire.This passion for storytelling combined with innate curiosity and a Journalism degree translated to a thriving career in lifestyle and wellness media. Noma’s work has appeared in Forbes, National Geographic, Verywell Mind, and Cosmopolitan, among other publications.Noma is adept in research, planning, expert sourcing, communication, media ethics, resource optimization, and maintaining brand voice. She’s also well-versed in interviewing prominent figures from various walks of life—from Hollywood A-listers and CEOs to F1 performance coaches, Navy SEALs, and neuroscientists.Her insights and reporting have been spotlighted by notable organizations such as the Stanford Center on Longevity, U.S. Department of Defense, AARP, Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), and Women's Brain Health Initiative.Noma has led media workshops, sat on jury panels, and provided expert commentaries for publications like Elle UK and Artful Living Magazine.You can also find her delivering bite-sized self-care nuggets seasoned with science via her weekly newsletter, Wellness To-Go.


For all writing, editing, panel, workshop, and speaking opportunities, please email at [email protected].